Our Features

We may be free but we bring a lot to the table.


Multicraft Control Panel

We provide you with the Multicraft control panel for managing your server. It is easy to use, widely documented and will be very helpful in managing and maintaining your server.


Unmetered Server Resources

There is no storage or bandwidth limits when you are with us. We provide you with as much as you need to ensure that your server is successful lag-free, provided the resources are used efficiently.


World-Wide Service

We have servers located world-wide to accommodate players globally. All of our services utilize a route-optimized, low latency network to ensure premium connectivity.


Data Redundancy

Our servers are equipped with RAID technology that mirrors all of your progress onto separate drives to keep your files safe in the event of anything bad happening.


Enterprise Grade Hardware

We use premium dedicated servers to host your Minecraft projects. All of our servers are equipped with Intel Xeon CPUs, solid state disk storage and DDR3 ECC RAM.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Reliability is important! We ensure that your server will have an uptime of at least 99% to ensure that you and your users are happy. DDoS protection also available.

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